Two walks
One in desire
One cessation of desire
This in beauty
That in peace
He, you should not ask for so much
She, why not ask for more
One bowl sings
One bowl’s brass
One for songs and one for ass


Jens Brasch

The Buddha/ Model Walk was inspired by a walk my wife and I took when we were in Bangkok at a Buddhist Wat. There were one hundred Buddhas all in the same pose.

However, each was distinct since different craftsmen sculpted them at different times. And each had weathered differently over time. In front of each Buddha was a singing bowl in which devotees tossed small coins. I was mesmerized by the music of this offering. When we returned to our hotel I looked at a Thai fashion magazine that was slicker than any fashion magazine from New York or Paris. All of the models had a sculpted Western appearance. The Buddha/Model Walk plays with the surprising combination of traditional Thai culture and western celebrity capitalist culture.